Saturday, January 29, 2011

Panama City Lamaze on Facebook!

In the interest of networking and helping more couples find information, I have launched a Panama City Lamaze Facebook page. Look me up : ) I'll keep an up-to-date class schedule there.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Latest Childbirth Class Dates

Here is the current schedule for childbirth classes.
September 20 - October 25, 2010
November 1 - December 13, 2010
(We'll skip November 22 for Thanksgiving week)

We will cover everything you need to know for a normal birth and any interventions you might face along the way. Breastfeeding, baby care, and postpartum mommy care will also be hot topics. My classes provide fun, evidenced-based information on:

-Pregnancy - how to survive it
-Labor - how to make it work for you
-Birth - how to believe in it
-Postpartum - how to recover
-Breastfeeding - how to make it easy
-Baby Care - how to love them
-Mommy Care - how to love you

Classes are:
-2 hours a session
-6 sessions for a complete series
-6:30pm - 8:30pm
-provided with wonderful snacks
-taught by a DONA certified birth doula
and Lamaze certified childbirth educator

This will not be your typical birth class, I can promise you that. We will have lots of fun and enjoy learning how to birth beautifully. Email me if you would like more info.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Birthing

The past few months have been busier than usual. I attended 2 births in May, 2 births in June, 3 births in July, and 3 births in August. The last 3 births were back to back on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each call was around 2 am as well. I was concerned about the births overlapping, but reality was a bit wilder than my imagination.

Thankfully all have been well even though there have been small and big problems. Most ladies have gotten the birth they wanted, but some had to adjust to what their labors became.

This summer has been a wild ride! Now I'm looking forward to the birth of a sweet friend's little one around Thanksgiving, but in the mean time, I'll be teaching several Lamaze sessions. I just finished a group set of classes with the nicest moms to be, and I can't wait to hear their birth stories in the coming weeks.